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Handicap Accessibility

If you or a loved one is disabled or elderly, then chances are your current bathroom is not as accessible as it once was. This not only makes using your bathroom difficult, but it also makes it dangerous.

At HandyPro, we take pride in helping to make the homes of the elderly or those with disabilities safe places to be. Too many accidents occur in the bathroom. It’s easy to slip and fall. We can install the latest in walk-in bathtubs to make bath time not only relaxing, but easy to navigate when it’s time to get in or get out. If showers are your thing, we can install the latest walk-in shower complete with seats.

Consider us the next time you’re looking to have your bathroom remodeled. We’ll be there to make your bathroom a comfortable place for you to be again.


Our Best Bath Walk in Shower unit with sliding shower head and grab bars makes it easy to enter and exit the shower while removing the trip hazard of a standard tub.
The doors of the Out Swing Full Therapy Tub with sliding shower nozzle swing outward to make entering easier, and also to make emergency exits possible without having to wait till the water is completely drained to open the unit.
A converted wet room solves virtually every problem that comes with having to clean a bathroom. It includes a hanging sink and toilet and mold resistant flooring with fan ventilation in the ceiling to remove moisture very quickly.  The entire bathroom is a shower with a drain in the floor.